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Remote Learning Gallery January 2021

Ah, so lovely to see you following my lesson, I feel so proud of you. Amazing sentences with full stops and CL! Well done young man.

I can't believe how much your writing has improved, I am SO PROUD OF YOU, Edie. Cute panda too!

Wonderful sentences using conjunctions Annabelle, well done! I love that you've named your pandas too, they are so cute.

Great sentences with conjunctions Kit. Well done.

I love to see home learning presented like this, well done J!

This young made has made his own fortune cookies, they look amazing! And what an expert you are with chopsticks!

Wow, I really love the shading in pencil. Mrs Willis will be so impressed with this!

Here comes our artist!

What a gorgeous heart, Rosie. I love how you've divided it into sections.

Look at how neat your handwriting is William, well done.

Such a gorgeous heart, it reminds me of Kandinsky, a famous artist!

Wow, Marla, you have followed my lesson exactly. I feel very proud of this, thank you.

A brilliant poster teaching us how to divide 16 into 4 groups. Well done Annabelle.

What a brilliant information poster about the animals in China, Léo. I love your division poster too, it teaches us exactly how to divide.

Well done Isabella, I cannot believe how good your letter to the 4 dragons is, wow! A brilliant drawing and poster showing division too. Well done you!

Look at this adorable panda, I love the way you've showed him sitting - the feet are fab!

Well done Isla, PERFECT use of conjunctions.

Well done H, I love both of these. Excellent shading on the panda!

I am SUPER proud of these Character Descriptions Yellow Class. Well done to you all.

What a strong house you've built. Well done for planning it out too.

Still image for this video

Well done for following the lesson about improving your sentences so carefully Bella.

This is wonderful! What a great drawing of a panda eating bamboo.

What a wonderful heart and Mrs Willis will love the detail on your Willow Pattern plate!

I love your rainbow heart! Great adjectives too. Well done.

Mrs Willis will love these birds on your plate, they really do look like they are flying! What an amazing poster too. Well done.

Wow! Wait til Mrs Willis sees these! Well done, lots of careful detail.

Brilliant learning Elliott, I can't believe that pandas spend up to 16 hours a day eating bamboo!

This is perfect, you've followed my lesson exactly. Well done Kit.

A beautiful heart from Isla.

Mrs Willis will love this Isabel. I love the detail on the birds and your pagoda. Well done.

Look at this great home learning from J! I think I need one of those tables!

Lenny's Auntie Hannah is a school teacher in Shanghai ... look how big her school is!

Still image for this video

A beautiful Willow Pattern plate from Edie!

Mrs Willis will love this Willow Pattern Plate!

Perfect _er and _est suffixes from Marla!

A great start to the week!

I can't believe how much Remote Learning Léo's done! I love your fact that "If you stretch the Great Wall it will go half way around the world!" Well done!

"Way up high, the moon is sparkling bright." Brilliant sentences from Annabelle, and look at this fantastic poster! I love that it is all yours, well done.

Great photos guys and the poster is fab, I love that it's all yours!

Super writing from Isabella! You have definitely followed my instructions about a 2A sentence and using 'because'. Brilliant writing about the Science too! Well done.

You are just getting better and better each day!

I think that you are describing yourself in this sentence: "What a great artist he is!" I am AMAZED by the front cover of the book which you are making, you are so talented!

Brilliant writing from Scarlett. I can see clear capital letters and great question marks at the end of your question sentences, well done!

This is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to see - it's perfect! I miss all of you too.... let's hope its not too long before we can come back to school.

Fantastic counting in fives from G! Perfectly written numbers too. Well done!

Another great day of remote learning from this young man! I love your Little Pig's house and I bet that it didn't get blown over!

Great recording in Science from Edie! A glass hat would definitely be 'ouch!'

Brilliant writing from William... I love that you have used speech marks to show what people are saying. Well done for capital letters and full stops too!

Lovely to see the enthusiasm, friendship and effort from you two... great learning!

Great sentences from Bella - so neatly laid out too! Look at this Maths, it's all correct! Well done you!

Brilliant home learning from you, L! I can't believe how good your handwriting is and just look at those lead-ins. I love the way you've displayed your questions about China in a poster. Well done.

"I'm gonna huff, I'm gonna puff, I'm gonna blow your house down!" Oh this is fab, it has really cheered me up boys. It's so good to hear that you planned the experiment yourselves too. Well done!

Still image for this video

Brilliant sentences, J, and your handwriting is as neat as always. My favourite sentence is: 'The moon is shadowing the earth." Just wow!!

You have explained your experiment so clearly, well done. This has really made me smile, but oh, poor little piggy!

Still image for this video

Wow, Charlie, this writing is so neatly laid out and I can clearly read the 4 types of sentences, with excellent punctuation marks too. My favourite one is "Wow it's alive!" because that's exactly what I would say!

Fantastic questions, E with great capital letters and question marks too. Some of your friends have asked what the weather is like in China too, so I think we will learn about that next week! Thank you for the photo of the map, it's great!

你好 Nǐ hǎo (Hello) Super questions from you, R, with great capital letters and question marks. I think I may have answered one of your questions!

Beautiful, neat writing from you, M. I love your excellent capital letters and punctuation marks at the end of your sentences. Well done.

Ah, I love this photo, K! Great sentences - my favourite is "Only rich boys can learn to paint." Well, Ma Liang definitely became the hero in the end, didn't he?

I am super proud of you, H. Look at this amazing writing and Maths! My favourite question is: When was the first panda born? I think that people in England first heard of them 1869, that's not actually that long ago!

Brilliant questions, I, your writing is so neatly laid out, well done! I think that red pandas mainly eat bamboo but they also eat insects too!

Wonderful writing from you, D! My favourite questions are those about dragons! You will love learning our dragon dance which is coming up soon! Great Geography skills linked to the map too. Well done.

Super questions from you, T, well done! I think the Great Wall is about 13 thousand miles long. I love your drawing of a panda too!

Look at your wonderful questions about China and what a lovely photo of you. My favourite question is: 'Does it rain in China?' We will find out soon! Well done E.

Well done, A! I can clearly read all 4 types of sentences - my favourite is 'The rabbit hopped across the meadow.' Not only does it create a lovely picture in my mind but you've used a double letter + _ed for spelling your past tense hopped! Well done!

Wow, brilliant writing and I can see all the different types of sentences, well done T! I love that you challenged yourself to make a poster about Recycling too. Well done!

Great array learning from you, K, and I hear that you are an amazing banker at Phonopoly! Well done you!

What a busy bee you've been! Brilliant remote learning from you, I! I love your arrays to help you solve multiplication calculations and your poster is super eye-catching. Well done!

Well done, H! This writing is FANTASTIC! You have written all 4 different types of sentences with great spelling too! I love your Captain Underpants drawing - in school, me and Miss Moseley noticed what a wonderful artist you were turning out to be!

E, these questions are super! I especially love your handwriting and your capital letters for China, Beijing and Chinese. Well done!

What a great New Year's Resolution, J. I look forward to hearing your keyboard skills! Great handwriting too!

Well done, I can clearly read the 4 types of sentences here. I'm also really impressed with the punctuation marks at the end of your sentences.