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Here is this week's Art Lesson from Mrs Willis:

This week in Art, I would like you to try making a paper, Chinese Dragon.

You will need; paper, colouring pens or pencils, scissors, glue and 2 old pencils/bamboo skewers/ lolly sticks to hold your dragon.


I have included a PowerPoint below with a step-by-step guide. The paper spring body is exactly the same as the paper spring you made for your spooky, Halloween house back in October! I stuck two lengths of paper together to make a longer body.


I searched online for a Chinese paper dragon head to copy; there are lots to choose from, including:


When you have coloured and cut out your dragon head, stick it to one end of the paper spring, glue your sticks/pencils/ skewers behind the head and near the tail and, finally, if you want to, you could decorate your dragon with any bits and pieces of ribbon, wool or paper that you have at home.


Make your dragon as colourful as you can and have fun! As always, we love to see your artwork so please send us a photo.

How to make a Paper Dragon