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I hope you are all finding a little time each day to read a book? You don't always have to read a whole book, even a chapter or a few pages is great! You can read alone or ask to read with someone at home. You might like to take it in turns and read a sentence or page each.


There are some really lovely books, suitable for all ages and levels on the Oxford Owl website. You can register for free and access lots of stories.




Activity 1

This week we are learning about Florence Nightingale in celebration of her fantastic work.


Do you know who Florence Nightingale was?


Watch the BBC bitesize link below



We would also like you to watch Magic Grandad and Florence Nightingale through the link below. It is about children who travel back in time with their Grandad to meet Florence Nightingale.


Adults, please read - There is a small part of the film where we see the little boy`s injuries. Please tell the children that this is just a story, told by actors and that the little boy in the hospital is just an actor and his leg has not really been lost - it's probably tomato ketchup on the bandages! The clip shows how dark and dirty hospitals used to be and what an amazing person Florence Nightingale was looking after the soldiers.


Magic Grandad - Florence Nightingale


Lastly, we would like you to read through the information on the Powerpoint and discuss it with an adult. There are questions at then end. Discussion only today!

Activity 2


Please watch the BBC video clip about Florence in the Crimean war. 


It is a history clip all about Florence Nightingale and her 38 nurses who went out to Scutari Hospital in Turkey, during the Crimean war in 1854. That is more than 150 years ago! In those days there were no aeroplanes and the journey was long and dangerous. You could look at a map and see how far Florence travelled to get to Turkey.


Please remember that these are actors! There are soldiers in bandages but it is just pretend. When Florence arrived there were rats, mice and maggots in the hospital – Yuck!


Read the power point about the Florence Nightingale and the changes she made to make hospitals better. Have a go at sorting the sentences that describe hospitals into the ‘Before Florence’ column and the ‘After Florence column’ (this is part of the Power point) You can click and drag each statement.

Then you can do a cutting and sticking exercise sorting the changes Florence made. Keep this to help with tomorrows learning.

Activity 3

Look at your cutting and sticking from yesterday and discuss the changes Florence made.


Now write some sentences about what changes Florence made to the hospital in Scutari.


Remember capital letters and full stops and try to use some good adjectives (describing words) in your writing.

Activity 4

Read the poem on the link below all about Florence Nightingale during the war in Crimea. 

Talk about what happens in the poem. Can you hear the rhyming words? Make a list of pairs of rhyming words.


Activity 5

Today we are going to do a reading comprehension. Please click the document below to find differentiated activities and answers. I would suggest you print the 1 or 2 star level as you feel is appropriate for your child.

Read the reading section and then answer the questions as your written activity today. Please answer in sentences. Use the text to help with spelling tricky words.

The answers are also there for parents!

As an extra activity you can look at the timeline powerpoint below. Click on the dates and it tells you what Florence was up to!