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Today, we are going to start our new topic - Rivers. We aren't completely moving away from Egyptians as we will still be doing some work about the River Nile in the coming weeks. But for today, I want you to learn about what a river is and where in the world some of the longest and most famous rivers are located.

       Join in with the Oaks Academy lesson below to learn all about the world's rivers and listen out for the key vocabulary. Remember to pause the video to allow yourself time to join in with the activities.


There are quite a few short activities today for you to complete. If you find that there are too many and you can't manage, perhaps you could come back to this lesson on Thursday where we have a shorter Geography lesson planned.

Activity 2 - Draw and label where the Colorado River and the River Thames would feature on the World Map.


Activity 3 - Research how long each river is in kilometres (km) and order the lengths of the rivers in descending order (from longest to shortest). Which river do you predict will be the longest? And which do you think is the shortest?


Challenge Activity - Pick a river (or a few) from the selection we have learned about today. Identify where the river begins (the source) and ends (the mouth). You could use the internet to help you.