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  At the end of week 3 we wrote descriptions about Skara Brae, using simple sentences and prepositions. There are some photos of Skara Brae and a video about prepositions below:

"Preposition" by The Bazillions

Up, down, all around -- learn your prepositions as you sing along with The Bazillions' hit song! Find out more at http://www.thebazillions.comPreposition by ...

In week 3 and 4 we will be learning about compound sentences and writing about how a Bronze Age bronze axe is made. There is a link below to a lesson about compound sentences and a video of a man making a bronze axe. 

KS2 Prehistory - The Bronze Age did people make tools from metal during the Bronze Age? This short video, introduced by children, demonstra...

  Have a look at this lessson below all about the Bronze Age. What new things can you learn about the Bronze Age? Can you write some simple and compound sentences about the Bronze Age?

  Take a look at the Oak National Academy to refresh your knowledge about Skara Brae. Can you learn something new about Skara Brae and why people lived there? 

  Have a listen to the start of ‘The boy with the bronze axe’. We have already read the first part of this together in class but have another listen to refresh your memory. We have read chapter one part one and two in class already but you can listen to it again if you would like. Listen carefully to find out all about our main characters: Kali, Brockan and Tenko.

Chapter one, part one

Chapter one part two.mp3

Chapter one part three.mp3

Chapter two.mp3

  Now can you draw a mind map about your favourite of these three characters? Take a look at Mrs Appleton’s example below to get some inspiration about what to put in your maind map. What do you know about these characters? You might want to listen to parts of the story again to help you.


Today we are going to plan a story based on ‘The boy with the bronze axe’. We will write the story next week. Have a look at the planning sheet below. We will be writing the story from the last line that we read: “He stood there with the axe in his hand, menacing and gleaming”

So the first line of your story will be “He stood there with the axe in his hand, menacing and gleaming”

What do you think will happen at the start?

(Will there be an argument? Will there be a fight? Will Brockan and Kali take Tenko’s side?)

What will the main action in the middle of the story be?

(Will they go to see the ring of Brodgar? Will they go back to the rock? Will they show Tenko around the island? What will Tenko do with his bronze axe? Will he tell them how it was made?)

What will happen to our characters at the end?

(Will Tenko stay on the island? Will Kali and Brockan leave the island with Tenko? Will they still be friends at the end?)

There is also a section for you to write a little bit about the three main characters.

(Is there any important information you want to include about them? Is there anything important you want to happen to them or for them to do?)