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Good Morning/ Express Yourself

Mental Health and Wellbeing at Ethelbert Road

Click on the link directly below to view ER's Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources.  There is a wonderful video celebrating positive mental health and wellbeing at Ethelbert Road.

G o o d   M o r n i n g   Y e l l o w   C l a s s  !



Today is Monday 1st February 2021.  February is usually quite a cold month, but it gives us a little promise of Spring ... flowering bulbs start to appear and the days are now getting longer, yay!  There are 28 days in February ... I wonder if anyone can work out how many weeks that is?  Remember, 7 days = 1 week.



This week is Children’s Mental Health Week and it's all about expressing yourself -expressing your feelings, ideas and individuality can boost wellbeing. Creative activities have the power to improve your mood and expressing how you feel can help you feel better about yourself.


It would be great if you could email me a photo of you doing something that you enjoy or that expresses your creativity.  You might play some uplifting music, create a dance routine, write, or draw in a journal, try out a new hobby... it's really up to you!


Expressing yourself isn’t about putting on a performance or being the best at anything, and it doesn’t have to be arty. You may express your personality in the way you dress, or your hairstyle. It can be an activity that you do alone, like writing a diary, or with others, like singing. It’s not what you do or who you do it with that matters – how you feel when you’re being creative is what counts.


Be safe, be good, be happy and BE YOU!

Mrs Kelleher



PS. Learning to be emailed for feedback this week is up to you... choose the one piece which you are especially proud of and that you want to share with me.  Send me your learning by Friday 5th February, thank you.


PPS. This week is also National Storytelling Week so maybe you might like to tell your favourite story to a grown-up (no writing involved!).



Children's Mental Health Week 2021: Express Yourself