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Letters & Sounds

Miss F's Phonics Group:


Today we are going to start our Letters and Sounds session with this new alphabet song:



The sound that we are learning today is the digraph qu. Remember that a digraph is two letters that make one sound. Watch this Alphablocks video to learn how to say the sound:

Can you write and draw lots of things that start with a qu? Draw out the digraph qu in the middle of your page and see if you can draw your pictures all around it. You could have a go at writing the letters ququ words or sentences with qu words in. 

(Choose which is most appropriate for your child. Also, your child just needs to write the sounds that they can hear in a word, so don't worry if they are spelling words incorrectly. It's important that they use their phonic skills to sound out longer words).


Mrs Haylor's Phonics Group:


Today we will be learning the tricky words what and one. We will also review our knowledge of reading words with adjacent consonants, such as green and spark. 


Watch today's video and join in with today's learning. 

Today's task:


Challenge task:


If you would like to do more work Phonics learning, have a look at the attached challenge mat. It looks fun! Let me know if you complete this task.

Mrs Willis' Phonics Group:


Today, we are learning to explore alternative pronunciation of the ie grapheme.


Watch today's video to learn more: 

Visit the Phonics Play website and play Cheeky Chimps, selecting the ie grapheme.