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10 shared between 2 = 5

10 divided by 2 = 5

10 ÷ 2= 5

This week, we will begin our unit of learning about Division.  Just like last week, we will watch the White Rose teaching videos then complete a worksheet afterwards.  There will be an easier challenge if you are finding some of the learning a bit tricky.  


Please download this useful knowledge organiser if you didn't manage to do so last week.

Multiplication and Division Knowledge Organiser

Dividing by Sharing Equally

When we are learning about sharing, I like to get some teddies and share out some objects between them in order, saying "One for you, one for you, one for you, etc".


You could start off by sharing out some objects at home with your teddies/toy characters or even with your family members. Here, I shared 6 biscuits equally between 3 teddies and they each got 2 biscuits.  Remember to share them out in order.

6 ÷ 3 = 2

Division Lesson 1 - Make Equal Groups - Sharing - RECAP

Still image for this video

Worksheet - Make Equal Groups - Sharing (recap)

Worksheet: Sharing (easier challenge)