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At Ethelbert Road we believe that Religious Education plays an important part in developing our children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural growth. Through the teaching of R.E. children gain a better understanding of themselves and their belief system and also develop an awareness of the differing beliefs of others. R.E. offers our children the means by which to understand how other people choose to live and to understand why they choose to live in that way. This helps children to develop respect and tolerance towards their peers, staff and the community as a whole. As well as developing factual knowledge of a variety of religions, R.E. also encourages students to ask questions about life, develop self-reflection and promotes attitudes of confidence and thoughtfulness about themselves. We aspire to help children to develop the ability to make reasoned and informed judgements about religious and moral issues which is an essential skill in our 21st century multi-cultural society.



  We currently follow the discovery scheme of work, which gives children a key question to explore each term, focusing on one or more religion per term. This allows children to explore a variety of religions across their time at Ethelbert Road and also gives them space to consider their own beliefs and how these are similar and different to the beliefs of other people.

  In reception the children look at the Christian celebrations of Easter and Christmas as well as exploring a variety of other religions through questions such as 'What makes people special?' and 'What can we learn from stories?' This allows them to notice similarities and differences between a number of different religions as well as to link their own life experiences to those of people who follow different religions.

  In Years 1 - 6 each class spends 3 to 4 terms looking at questions about Christianity allowing them to learn about the most prevalent religion in the UK. Each year group also spends 2 to 3 terms learning about 1 or 2 other religions including, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism. In this way children are able to learn about a diverse range of beliefs and ways of life, discussing their own opinions as well as the beliefs of others. They are also able to make links between various religions to see how people who may at first seem to be very different, in fact have a number of things in common. 


  We are also excited to be having our first RE celebration day this year. The whole school will spend a day learning about and experiencing a variety of activites related to a religious festival. Each year we choose a different religious festival to experience as a whole school, in order to allow the children to have a deeper understanding of the experiences of those people who follow different religions. 



  Children are able to discuss a wide variety of beliefs with openess and clarity. They are able to discuss ideas that arise and accept that they may have ideas which are different to each other without becoming cross about this. They are able to show great maturity in their discussion of different experiences, beliefs and traditions.