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  This week we are thinking about how to overcome obstacles that are in the way of us being able to achieve the dreams and goals we have been thinking about this term.

  Have a watch of the video below, what do you notice about the way the children are tackling the obstacle course?

Awesome Indoor Obstacle Course For Kids | Indoor Activities for Kids During Quarantine | DIY Kids

This awesome indoor obstacle course is challenging, educational and fun! Get full details on the course here:

  • Did you notice that the children didn’t give up?
  • Did you notice that they didn’t rush through the obstacles but took their time?
  • Did you notice the children encouraging each other and helping each other?
  • Was there anything else you noticed?

  How do you think these things helped them get through the obstacle course? Do you think doing these things would help you get through the obstacles that might get in the way of you trying to achieve your goals and dreams?

  Can you make your own obstacle course (check with your grown ups first!)