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On Friday, we are going to pretend to be Howard Carter and write a diary entry about his first look inside of Tutankhamun's tomb. Before we go ahead and write, I want us to recap a couple of key features that we will need to make this piece of writing the best it can be. 

       Today, we are going to recap our understanding about writing in different tenses. First, watch the Oaks Academy video below for a quick recap. Then, see if you can fill in all of the different past and present tense verbs on the 'Change the Verbs' sheet below.

Diary entries and recounts are one of the only pieces of writing that we do where we may change tense throughout - usually they are written in the simple past tense although we may use progressive tenses or even the present perfect to present 'our' thoughts and feelings (sometimes, someone may even write about what they are going to do next, in which case, we may slip into the future tense even).

       In Year 3, you were introduced to the present perfect tense for the first time and we are going to explore this a little more today as a recap - this may be useful when you come to write your diary entries on Friday.

Extension: Try out this BBC Bitesize game below. Choose either spelling, punctuation or grammar - or maybe you could try a mix of all three.