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Writing - Improving our Sentences 

Today, we will learn about making our writing more descriptive.  We will learn how to do these things before we start our long writing tomorrow.

We will do this by:

  • using adjectives to describe a noun
  • using 'because' to extend our sentences
  • writing 2A sentences (2 adjectives before the noun)


Have a look at this poster: Digging Deeper.  Can you see how the writer has improved their sentences? 


Task 1:

Write one 'boring' sentence to describe either Ma Liang or the Emperor.  Here is mine:

The Emperor is greedy.


Task 2:

Now, try to improve this sentence by adding an adjective, using your lists from yesterday. Here is mine:

The wicked Emperor is greedy.


Task 3:

Now add 'because'. Here is mine:

The wicked Emperor is really greedy because he wants all the gold in the world.


Task 4

Can you write some descriptive sentences with 2 adjectives before the noun?  This is brilliant, simple trick that really improves your writing!


  • Work through the PPT below and see if you can make some 2A sentences
  • See if you can add adjectives to my sentence:

The ________ _________ Emperor ordered his obedient guards to capture the _____________ _____________ snake.


2A sentences