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We are so excited that we now have a link established with a Spanish school in Valencia, Spain.

Year 4, 5 and 6 will write to their pen pal in Spanish and English, in order to practise their Spanish and to help their pen pal to practise their English. 


We have looked at some of their photos of the Valencian festival "Las Fallas" and will write our replies to their fantastic letters in term 5. We will use our Spanish vocabulary to tell them all about ourselves and what there is to see and do in Faversham.

Our Wonderful Work
Children develop their vocabulary year-on-year and are provided with a curriculum that builds on their learning for each topic, as well as sentence structure support (where necessary) in order to produce their written work. For example in Year 3 the children learn some simple body parts words, in year 4 they build on this with more vocabulary learnt and an activity that allows them to describe their invented creature - using body part words, colour and adjectives to build on their prior learning. 

International Day of Language 2022

On Friday 23rd September the whole school celebrated European Languages Day.


We began the day with a whole school assembly, finding out about why learning languages are fun and useful. We also really enjoyed hearing how to say hello in lots of the languages that our Ethelbert families speak too.  Our yearly flag challenge was brilliant as always - the children are such keen geographers!


All children enjoyed a chance to try some new languages and have fun visiting our three different countries on the day. We found out about China, France and Italy. The older children supported our younger children all day as we celebrated multiculturalism, community and worldwide diversity with languages spoken around the world during our whole day dedicated to language learning fun. 

In China we had a lot of fun singing and playing games. We learnt how to count to ten, how to greet each other and say how we are feeling in Mandarin. We also played Bingo with our new number vocabulary! The children were amazed that 1.2 billion people worldwide speak Mandarin Chinese.

We learnt so much all about France. We learnt about The Eiffel Tower and even had a competition to build the tallest tower using spaghetti and marshmallows! We learnt about the Tour de France and enjoyed a race around the playground on the trikes! We learnt some animal words and used these to play "Jacques a dit..." - Simon says.

If we came home a little covered in flour it's because we were amazing pizza makers when we visited Italy. We learnt all about Italian food and how to introduce ourselves in Italian.


We tried a wonderful selection of Italian food - pasta, mozzarella, olive oil and bread sticks, Milano salami and olives.