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History Topic

The History of Transport

Our brand new topic is the history of transport.  Do you know what 'History' means?  

History is the study of people, events and objects from the past.  We learn about the past by looking at things like books, paintings, newspapers, and letters and artefacts (like pottery, tools, and dinosaur bones). Interviewing people about their lives is also a great way to find out about life in the past. 


This week, we will have an introduction to transport in the past.


Task 1:

Read through the slides below.


Task 2:

Can you write a list of questions - things which you would like to find out about during this topic?



Task 3:

Can you be a historianWrite some questions which you could ask an older member of your family and then see if you can interview them.  You might like to ask them:


  • What is your favourite mode of transport?
  • What were cars/trains/buses like when you were little?
  • What is the main difference between transport nowadays compared to when you were younger?


Task 4 (optional)

Choose from any of the Worksheets below.  This is an optional task and it would be much better to spend quality learning time on Task 3.

Travel and Transport in the Past Overview