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Today we are going to learn what a simile is and how to write a simile in a sentence.


To begin our lesson, let’s carry on reading our class story:



Some of the dinosaurs burned rubbish in volcanoes.

Dancing dinosaurs broke up the roads.

As the rubbish was cleared green shoots appeared, bursting through cracks and climbing over old forgotten walls.


Telegraph poles and iron pylons vanished beneath trailing blossoms, and a fresh new forest of flowers and trees spread like a smile around the world.


What is a simile?


‘Flowers and trees spread like a smile around the world.’ 

This is called a simile. We use the words ‘like’ or ‘as’ to build similes.


Let’s find out more about similes with Mr Thorne. Watch the video below: 


‘Flowers and trees spread like a smile around the world.'


Can you spot the verb in this sentence?

What are the flowers and trees doing?



Can you think of different verbs instead of spread, e.g. grew, stretched, moved…


‘Flowers and trees spread like a smile around the world.'


What else might we want to grow across the world? e.g., a hug, friendship, love?


Let’s have a go at writing some new similes, e.g.:

Plants and flowers stretched across the world like a giant hug.


Today’s Task:

Can you create your own simile using the table above to help you? You can pick and choose the phrases from each column or write your own. Write your simile on a piece of paper and draw a picture to go with your simile.


If this task is a little tricky, why not try the attached simile sheet instead?