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Reading is at the heart of our curriculum and our aim is to encourage a love of reading right from the start. In EYFS we have "Our Favourite Books" each half term. The aim is to expose children to a range of books, stories and poems that not only develop a love of reading, but have been chosen specifically to develop their oracy, vocabulary and comprehension. These books will be embedded in our provision through activities, story sessions and on display for children to access independently. Through this, children begin to internalise new vocabulary, language patterns and begin to retell stories. 

Children at the expected level of development will write recognisable letters, most of which are correctly formed. They will spell words by identifying sounds in them and representing the sounds with a letter or letters. Most children will write simple phrases and sentences that can be read by others. We aim for all children to develop a love of writing which can be developed as they move through the school.



Rocket Phonics programme is a DfE validated SSP programme aligned to Letters and Sounds 2007. Our mission is to help every child keep up and not catch -up. Steady pace and progression, whole-class teaching and consistent daily phonics practice enables our children to learn to read whist having fun! Children are encouraged to read at home and are listened to regularly in school. They are given books that match their phonic knowledge in order for them to apply their learning with the aim of becoming successful, confident and fluent readers.




In Reception we follow Power Maths in line with the rest of the school which is divided into weekly units. High quality learning environments and meaningful interactions with adults, support children in developing mathematical thinking and discussion. Pupils learn through games and tasks using concrete manipulatives and pictorial structures and representations which are then rehearsed applied and recorded within their own child-led exploration. Children in Reception have daily, Maths sessions to develop fluency, revisit key concepts and address misconceptions.


Wider Curriculum

Our wider curriculum is taught through the learning areas; ‘Understanding of the World’ and ‘Expressive Arts and Design.’ Exciting, purposeful and contextual activities are planned to build on children’s natural curiosity. For example, building a boat for their favourite toy enables them to think like a ‘Scientist’ as they explore a range of materials and test out their own ideas. Building further on our oracy focus, children will be encouraged to employ subject specific language and terminology in foundation subjects, and such vocabulary will be modelled, both verbally and orally, by supporting practitioners. Our inclusive approach means that all children learn together, but we have a range of additional intervention and support for children who may not be reaching their potential, or are showing a greater depth of understanding and need further challenge. This includes, for example, sessions for developing speech and language, social skills, fine motor skills, phonics, and mathematics. Regular monitoring of teaching and learning by SLT and the EYFS leader ensure staff develop good subject knowledge. The EYFS leader ensures staff receive CPD specific to Early Years to develop their practice.