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Letters & Sounds



Please begin this session by revising any of the phase 3 sounds that you are less confident with. The following bbc bitesize link is great for revising the phase 3 sounds.


You can also use and explore ‘Buried Treasure’, ‘Picnic on Pluto’ or ‘Dragon’s Den.’


Yesterday, we were learning to read the tricky words they, all and are.

To help us remember our tricky words, join in with our tricky words song.


Today we are going to learn to read the tricky words do, when, out, what.


Read the following sentences and decide if the answer is yes or no.

Do clocks get cross?

Can crabs clap hands?

Are you fond of plums?

Did a shark ever jump up a tree?

Do trains run on tracks?

Will a truck go up steep stairs?

Can we see the stars on a clear night?

When you get wet, will you shrink?

Will trash jump from a dustbin?


How quickly can you find the tricky words when, do and are in these sentences?


Extra Practice

Practice today’s tricky words with the following handwriting practice sheets.

Mrs Willis' Phonics Group


Did you have a go at playing Phonopoly yesterday?  How did you get on? Today, you have another fun game to play, Phase 5 Phonemes Blast Off!  


Phase 5 Phonemes Blast Off!