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Friday 28th January 2022

Letters and Sounds and Handwriting

Today we are recapping the digraph oi.

Can you write the following caption?

The oil is in the soil.


Now read the oi real words and nonsense words on the Powerpoint below:

For a challenge, can you write some captions using the oi words. E.g. I see the foil. It is a coin.


Think about your journey to school each day. What do you pass along the way? Your task today is to draw a map of your route to school. You could label your map with road names if you know them, landmarks, your friends' houses, parks, bus stops, zebra crossings etc. Describe your route to your grown-up when you have finished it. 


Imagine you own a pizza restaurant. Can you write a menu for all the different pizzas you offer? Think of your favourite toppings and your family's favourites. You could list drinks and puddings too. Don't forget to add the prices!