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Reading Comprehension

This week, you have a text all about the NHS.  There are 3 ability levels to choose from.



This task is 2 weeks' worth of learning. It links to Geography and will require some research. Also, you have brand new grammar and Phase 6 Phonics to learn so I didn't want to give you too much to do this week!

WANTED! Explorer to go on a Desert Adventure 

Can you make a poster advertising for a partner to explore the Gobi Desert with you? Imagine you are going on an adventure to explore and learn about the Gobi Desert but you need a partner to travel with you. 

  • What type of person would they be? 
  • What kind of skills would they need? 
  • What things would they be interested in?

There is an example below to give you an idea of how to write and present your posters.  You will need to include:

  • a title (Wanted! Desert Explorer for Adventures in Gobi!)
  • a picture of the Gobi Desert
  • a description of what kind of partner you want to go with you
  • details of some of the activities you will do there
  • warnings about some of the dangers
  • how to contact you (but use a fake Explorer name and contact number like: Contact Explorer HerKel Tel: 0000-1234)

Take your time and enjoy - this will be our Writing task for next week too so there is no rush! When I wrote mine, I did a draft version first then I did my second version. You might like to do the same.


Grammar/Punctuation (we will revisit this next week)

This week we will learn something brand new - the progressive form of present and past tense verbs.  It sounds really tricky but, actually, you use the progressive form all the time!  Look at this sentence: I am typing on the computer.  The main verb 'typing' is helped by 'I am' to show that it is happening right now! This would be the present progressive form because the action is in progress right now!

You have a PPT and some activities below to help you to learn about the progressive forms of verbs.  Don't worry too much about what they are called … it's how you use them correctly that matters!



Phase 6

Compound Words

This is also something brand new but I think that you will enjoy learning about compound words.  Look at these words: toothbrush, earthworm, rainbow and dustbin.  What do you notice?  They are all made up of two words!  You have 2 fun activities to complete (below) where you have to match the two words to make a compound word.


Phase 5

Visit to revise any of the Phase 5 alternative spellings.


Reading Comprehension - NHS

Gobi Desert WANTED poster