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This week I have found a great online game called ‘Speed’. You can pick a particular phase or a mixture of all the phases and see if you can beat your own time, day on day. The link is below:

There are some lovely games for alternative spellings on the new phonic play website and you can access them here:


You could also play Dragons Den to help you with blending and sorting alien words from real words. See link below:


There are also some ICT games for phonics in our Learning Zone and you can log onto Phonics Play for free.



Reading is so important so please read for 15 minutes every day.

Tell someone in your house about the book you have read. This could be a picture book that you know well or it could be a new book that you try to read independently to yourself. You could read to your favourite teddy or toy.  You could also listen to a free audio story or look at a story online.


Please don't forget the Oxford Owl reading website.  It is another lovely way for the children to engage in reading.  It is in our Learning Zone but I have also attached it here for you too.




These are the spellings for week 5:

1. could

2. today

3. has

4. where

5. love

6. once


Every morning have a go at writing them out 3 times in your neatest handwriting, then on Friday see if you can spell them correctly.



This week we are looking at the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. Below is a link to a narrated animation film and at the bottom of the page is a slideshow of the story so that you can read the book too. The slideshow may also help you with your tasks.



Activity 1

Can you write 3 different sentences from the story, remembering neat handwriting, capital letters, finger spaces and full stops?





Activity 2

Can you describe The Very Hungry Caterpillar using amazing adjectives (describing words) ?

You could think about what colour he is. Is he hairy or soft? Are his legs long or short? What shape are his eyes?




Activity 3

Can you make up your own version of the story?

I have started writing my own version called 'The Very Thirsty Butterfly'. You can use this to help you get started, or finish the story for me.

One bright Sunday morning a big, beautiful butterfly nibbled his way out of a hard, brown cocoon.

He had had a very busy time turning himself into a butterfly and was feeling very thirsty!

He started to look for something to drink.

That day he drank one huge glass of water. But he was still thirsty.

On Monday he drank two cups of coffee, but he was still thirsty.

On Tuesday he drank three glasses of milk, but he was still thirsty.

On Wednesday he drank four bottles of apple juice, but he was still thirsty.

On Thursday he drank five glasses of blackcurrant squash, but he was still thirsty.

On Friday he drank 6 cartons of orange juice, but that still wasn't enough.

So on Saturday he drank …



Extra Challenge

Can you create a Caterpillar Fact File?

I have attached some Caterpillar Fact Cards for you to read. You can use this information to make your own fact file, with at least three exciting facts about Caterpillars.

You could also look on our Science page and use the information on the 'Life cycle of a Caterpillar' presentation.