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Monday Morning Message

Good morning everyone. Thank you for all of your emails last week. It is really great to hear from you. Please email me if you have any questions or even to let me know what you have been doing.


This week, Mrs Kirkbride has recorded an assembly for you to watch (The link is below). I have included some mindfulness activities in the mindfulness folder. On Thursday, during Science, there is a test I would like you to do but you will an iceman. So put some water in a container and freeze it ready for Thursday. I am going to fill a balloon with water and freeze it. You could fill a bottle or something else. 


I miss you all and until we are back in school try your best with your remote learning.


Mr Adkins

heart Happy Monday Morning Everyone!heart


     I hope you are all well, and ready to begin another week of home learning! Thank you so much for sending us copies of your learning from last week. Your Viking sagas were brilliant! I really enjoyed reading through them! Rather than giving individual feedback - please remember that I will possibly be receiving 60 pieces of extended writing - I have decided that the best way to manage feedback is to make a short video in which I highlight all your writing strengths and also areas for development. That way, you can watch the video, and then proofread your writing again to check for the points I have raised. This rigorous self-checking will make you a better writer!

There is a link to the saga feedback at the bottom of this page.

     Going forward, Mrs Fulton and I have decided to agree on two pieces of work each week which should be sent to us. We will let you know each Monday morning which pieces of work to send. For Mrs Fulton, it will either be PSHE/RE or Comprehension, and for me it will be a piece of Topic work or English (writing or grammar). Mrs Fulton has asked that you send hers by Wednesday evening, whereas mine can be sent by Friday evening. 

     If you haven't been in touch with either of us over the past two weeks, we would love to hear from you! Mr Adkins and I will be in school this week, so we look forward to seeing some of you then.

Take care everyone, and thank you for being Ethelbert Road superstars!

Mrs Calzada


Mrs Fulton's learning to be emailed: 

Mrs Calzada's learning to be emailed: As there is no 'Big Write' this week, I would like you to send one email, on Friday, with all your Scandinavia work attached.