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Letters & Sounds

Miss F's Phonics Group:


Watch this video to recap the sounds we have covered this week:

Today we are going to have fun playing a dice game which is attached below. Each time you land on a word, you need to sound it out and read it. The words all contain the sounds we have been learning over the last two weeks: 


qu   sh    ch   th  ng


If you would like an extra challenge, can you make your own version of this board game? Make sure the words you include have qushch, and ng in them. 


Mrs Haylor's Phonics Group:


Today we will be learning and practicing to read the tricky words: Mr, Mrs, looked, asked and called.


Have a look at this short video that recaps today's tricky words and the words that we learnt last week.


Play Tricky Word Trucks to practice reading these words.

Handwriting Practice:


Practice today's tricky words by completing the handwriting sheet. Make sure that you join your letters accurately. 


Mrs Willis' Phonics Group:



I would like you to spend today's lesson revising all the Phase 5 sounds. Go onto Phonics Play and choose a few games to play. I have added some links below: