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Term 5 - Pets - Las mascotas



This term we will find out all about animals and the types of pets that children have or would like. The following song has some of the animals and pet words that we will learn in class. Listen to the sounds that the animals make because in Spanish animals make different sounds - e.g dogs go "woof" but in Spanish they "guau"!!



I have a pet - Tengo Una Mascota

Es una canción Super Simple de los animales. ¡Yo tengo una mascota! ¿Tú tienes una?Suscríbete ► canciones para ...

We also sang this song - can you remember what animals they have?

05 cuantos animales.wma

Tengo un perro - I have a dog


(This is my dog on the right - light blue collar - and his cousin too!)