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Our new History topic for Term 6 is... 



The Aztecs were a group of warriors who first settled in the valley of Mexico in the 14th century. They became some of the most important and powerful people in Mesoamerica and ruled a large empire in the 15th century. 


Before we begin to explore this fascinating civilisation, I would like you to take a very close look at this extraordinary mural which can be found in a palace in Mexico City. It was painted by a Mexican artist called Diego Rivera in 1951.


Work your way around the mural, and makes notes about what you see. You may want to print this and then annotate around the image or simply write a paragraph about what you think is happening.

Try to answer these questions as you make notes:

  • Look at the trees. What can you see?
  • Who might the men on horses be?
  • What do you notice about the animals?
  • Look at the three men in the centre, at the bottom. What might they be discussing?
  • What could be happening in the bottom left corner?
  • What might be the significance of the cross?
  • What can you see in the distance?

The Conquest of Mexico by Diego Rivera

The Conquest of Mexico by Diego Rivera 1
Here is a PDF of the mural if you wish to print it.
Why not do some research on this fascinating civilisation? Check this DK link: