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  Today we are going to continue to look at our spellings. Have a watch of the next spelling bundle for Sir Linkalot, ‘Orange Orwell’. This bundle is named for George Orwell, a famous author. How many can you get right on the test? Can you guess my favourite word in this bundle?

  Today we are going to look at spelling rules for adding the prefix mis- to words. The prefix mis- means wrong so when it is added to a word it gives it a negative meaning. Have a look at the PowerPoint, can you figure out the words before all the bowling pins are knocked over?

  Once you’ve looked at the PowerPoint you can try one or some of the sheets below. You could also draw pictures or try to come up with your own links like Sir Linkalot to try to remind yourself how to spell these words.

  If you usually do phonics during our spelling sessions take a look at the activities below to practice your brilliant phonics skills.