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This morning, I'd like you to take your bird feeder outside and spend some time outdoors Bird Watching.

Observe which birds you see and record how many of each. Be careful to stay quiet and still so not to scare away any birds that may wish to visit you.

       You may wish to do this task over the whole day observing in short intervals at different times throughout the day.

       When you are finished and you have gathered all of your data, draw and complete a frequency table (like mine below) to display your data in. Then, compare your data to the Big Birdwatch UK 2020 and answer the following questions:


  1. Which bird did you see the most today? Does this match the most common bird in the Big Birdwatch 2020?
  2. In 2020, magpies only came in 10th place. Did you see any magpies today?
  3. Are there any birds that were in the top 10 in 2020 that you didn't manage to see today? If so, which birds were they and why do you think you didn't see any?
  4. Do you think your results will be the same as your class mates? Why/why not? What about a child at a school in Scotland? What about a child at school in Norway? Why might different people get different results?
  5. The data states that the long-tailed tit moved up 3 places this year to number 9. Which place did they come in 2019?


Type of bird Frequency
Robin  ?
House Sparrow ?
Woodpigeon ?