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Today we will learn about statements and exclamations.


Task 1: Can you decide whether these are statements or exclamations.  The punctuation marks will give you a clue!

  • Dragons exist only in stories.
  • "How lucky they were to escape the dragon!"
  • After break we have our Maths lesson.
  • What a hard maths problem this is!
  • The capital of China is Beijing.
  • The cat is meowing because she is hungry.
  • How cold it is today!


Task 2:  Write either a statement or exclamation for each picture (or challenge yourself to write 2 sentences for each picture). Don't forget to include either a full stop or an exclamation mark at the end.  There is a pdf below if you want to print a worksheet out.

Pdf for writing statements and exclamations

Example from last year