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Today, you are going to complete two short parts of an Oaks Academy lesson to learn about how rivers create different landforms including deltas, Oxbow lakes and fairy pools.

To consolidate today's learning (which means put it all together), I would like you to create a labelled model or draw an annotated diagram of a river.

       Your river must include one of the following landforms:

  • a meander
  • Oxbow Lake
  • delta
  • fairy pool
  • V-Shaped valley
  • waterfall (We haven't learned about waterfalls but you can watch the videos below to learn about how waterfalls are formed and learn about the tallest waterfall in the world.)


I have included some pictures of examples below which may give you some ideas and inspiration.

How waterfalls form

The Tallest Waterfall in the World! | Geology for Kids