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Today, we are going to take our next steps towards writing our diary entries. We are going to think about how we can write expanded noun phrases describing the contents of Tutankhamun's tomb - more specifically the antechamber and burial chambers. 


e.g. hand-woven, patterned stools

beautiful, ornate necklaces shaped like a jackal

golden masks which glimmered under the torchlight

an array of chests containing wonderful treasures

terracotta pots piled high


Remember you are writing expanded noun phrases, not sentences, so you do not need capital letters or full stops.


Challenge: Could you try to write an expanded noun phrase for each of these tricky words?

archaeologist        artefacts        excavation        antechamber        sarcophagus        ornate               


Have a look at the resources I have provided below to find out the key details about the discovery and explore the scene itself. Perhaps you could take some notes that you might be able to use in your writing tomorrow - key dates, interesting vocabulary, items inside the chambers.

Extension: Try out this BBC Bitesize game below. Choose either spelling, punctuation or grammar - or maybe you could try a mix of all three.