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  Welcome back to our last week of term! You have been doing SUCH an AMAZING job with your remote learning and I am SO proud of you all. I was so impressed with your creativity and the many different ways you chose to show your learning last week – well done for really getting into the spirit of our Express Yourself theme!

  This week we are having a special week to give us all the opportunity to get outside and have a bit more freedom in out learning. This week all our learning is based upon the RSPB’s national birdwatch.

  All of our English, maths and science learning, as well as most of our other afternoon activities are going to be based on birds and/or getting outside. So, make sure you’ve got your coat, hat, gloves and scarf at the ready this week!

  For English you are going to have the choice of which work you send to me for feedback as I am giving you lots of different activities. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday all have different activities which are separate, so you may decide that you want to spend lots of time on the work for Wednesday (for example) and spend less time (or no time) on activities from the other days. Or you might decide to tackle all the activities but ask for feedback on only one. You are welcome to send me as much work as you like, but please make sure you let me know which piece of work you would like feedback on when you send them to me.

  In Maths and Science you are going to be looking at classifying animals and using the fantastic statistics skills you learned at the start of the term to help you show some of your experiences outside looking at nature.

  Our Extra Challenges tab is packed full of activities to do with birds, nature and animals so take a look to find out even more about birds and nature.

  You have been working SO hard this term, so remember to Be Kind to yourselves this week and have a lovely, fun and relaxing half term next week! Remember I am here if you need me, you can call the school or send me an email and I will always do my best to reply as soon as I can.

  I can’t wait until we are all back together in Blue Class, but until then have fun with your learning and have a great half term break!

  Miss Tucker