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Year R are loving Maths!

Greater than, less than and equal to

On Saturday 1st July six children from Year 5 represented their year and ERPS at the MEBP Young Eco Engineers Race day. The team, 'The Towering Tacos', raced their go-cart against other participating schools at the Borg Warner site in Gillingham.  It was an amazing day with some very exciting races!

All of Year 5 were involved in building the go-cart during our school's STEM week. They also designed the bodywork and decided on the team name.  As part of the project, the children had to complete a workbook that documented their progress building the go-cart and other investigations they carried out to answer set questions (relating to, levers, gears, friction, aerodynamics, batteries, circuits, energy transfer, sustainability and recycling).


At the event day Year 5 'The Towering Tacos' won 'Best Workbook'. Congratulations to all of Year 5 for their hard work. A big thank you to Mrs Nock, Mr Adkins and Mrs Bell for giving up their Saturday to support this event and all their hard work. A special thank you to Mrs Nock for putting the workbook together. 

 Year 5  took part in an interactive RAF STEM morning. The children were tasked with designing and testing rockets to find the optimum launch angle and payload. It was a fantastic morning and the children used all of their working scientifically skills to create successful rockets.

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