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Monday Morning Message


Good morning to all my Purple Class Superstars!


This week is Children’s Mental Health Week and National Storytelling Week! Please do have a look at these extra folders that I have put on our class webpage for this week.


The idea behind this year’s Mental Health Week is to express yourself – expressing your feelings, ideas and individuality can boost wellbeing.


Creative activities have the power to improve your mood and expressing how you feel can help you feel better about yourself. I have chosen poetry for our English work this week. Writing poems, even performing them can be a way of expressing yourself.


This is week 5 of home learning, it is not a bad thing to take a break from your screen, to go outside in the sunshine and to enjoy what makes you happy. I would love it if you could email me a photo of you doing something that you enjoy or that expresses your creativity. I will be putting your pictures in a separate class gallery for this week. Let’s re-energise and boost our moods by doing something that will help us to let off steam. Play some uplifting music, create a dance routine, write, or draw in a journal, try out a new hobby.


Expressing yourself isn’t about putting on a performance or being the best at anything, and it doesn’t have to be arty. You may express your personality in the way you dress, or your hairstyle. It can be an activity that you do alone, like writing a diary, or with others, like singing. It’s not what you do or who you do it with that matters – how you feel when you’re being creative is what counts.


I am so proud of you all. You are all doing your best and I don’t want you to worry if you don’t do some lessons this week.


Look out for my two videos this week!


Mrs Haylor