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  Have a look at the video below, can you answer the questions that they ask? Today’s lesson is about adding money.

  The worksheet mentioned in the video, and the answer sheet for this are uploaded below.

Spr3.4.5 - Add money.mp4

Still image for this video

  If you would like to carry on learning about adding money, you have had the Discover, Share and Think Together pages for this lesson allocated to you in Power Maths. They have also been uploaded to the Extra Challenges tab for this week (along with the answers for the Think Together pages.)

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English/ Topic

  Today you are going to be putting all the fantastic learning that you have been doing in topic for the last two weeks together. You are going to be writing your own persuasive booklet to persuade people to go to Norway. You are going to pick the three places that you researched yesterday and, along with an introduction, write about them to persuade people to go on holiday to Norway.

  Remember you can look back at your research from yesterday to include some great facts. You can use your AFOREST work from last week, take a look at the gallery to see some of your classmates’ brilliant work as well!

 The AFOREST PowerPoint is uploaded below to remind yourself of the persuasive techniques we can use. There is a brochure template which you can use if you would like. If you want to use a computer and make your writing look more like a brochure:

  • Go to the layout tab,
  • Use orientation to turn your page to landscape,
  • Then use columns to choose three columns.  

  Have a look at the PowerPoint below to find out more about how to write your brochure.

  This is the work I will be providing feedback for this week. Please send it to me by the end of Thursday and I will send feedback by the end of Monday. I can’t wait to read them all!


  Today we are going to find out about how to keep safe from the sun and use what we learn to answer the question below:

  To answer this question, have a look at the video and PowerPoint below to remind yourself how to stay safe from the sun on Earth.

Despicable Me 2 Sun Safety Campaign 1

Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has partnered with Melanoma Foundation ambassador and Olympic Gold Medallist, Stephanie Rice, to star alongside th...

To help yourself think about how astronauts can stay safe from the sun think about:

  • How could you protect yourself from the dangers of sunlight?
  • What are the differences between Earth and Mars?
  • Mars is much further away from the sun than Earth. What might that mean for the astronauts?
  • Can you think of any health benefits for sunlight?


You could write about what you find out, make a poster for the astronauts, make a presentation or even film yourself telling the astronauts how to keep safe!

Chapter 16 part 3.mp3