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Year 3 2021-2022


 Monday 13th September

  This week and last week in science we have been learning about the different properties of rocks. We have discovered how hard rocks are, if they are waterproof or not, if they react with vinegar and if they float or sink. Please do ask your children about this, they especially enjoyed the fizzing of some rocks with vinegar and the rock which surprised us by floating! There are some pictures of our learning over on the gallery.  

 Monday 6th September

  We have had a great start to the Year this morning. We started off talking about our school rules Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Ready and learning some of our new classroom routines.  

  At breaktime we got to play with children from all the year groups and enjoy our first Wake and Shake session since Year 1!

  After break we learned about place value and found lots of ways to represent 3 digit numbers using diennes, place value grids, place value cards and part whole diagrams.

Year 3 news 2019 - 2020

Blue Class Poetry Recital

  Persuasive booklets about Norway.

Last week Blue Class impressed everyone with their fantastic persuasive booklets about Norway. They used rhetorical questions, emotive language and facts expertly to persuade people to go to Norway. They focused on Trolltunga, The Oslo Opera House, The Viking Ship Museum, The Oslo-Bergen Railway and The Northern Lights. The whole class worked incredibly hard and showed real talent in this writing. There are some examples of their work in our gallery - please do take a look. 

Small change challenge

  Blue Class have done a fantastic job of filling their small change jar and have won the competition to fill their jar first, joint with Onyx Class. We will be having a treat day to celebrate this soon. More details to follow - well done Blue Class!

 Trip to Kent Life


  Last Friday year three went on a school trip to Kent Life. We went to attend a variety of workshops about the Stone Age. We saw and joined in with a number of fantastic experiences. 

  I think everyone's favourite part of the trip was when we met Claw the Stone Age man. We learned lots from him but I think the favourite part for most of the children was being given a new Stone Age name - these included delights such as 'Mushroom', 'Flower, 'Earwax' and 'Poo'. He also taught us about how they hunted and used animals in the Stone Age.

  Other workshops included learning about weapons, tools, grinding grain and how humans went from being hunter gatherers to becoming farmers. We got to pull a plough, grind flour using hand and rotary querns and even went on the Kent Life train during our free slot. There are photos of some of these activities and more on the class gallery page.

  The class was beautifully behaved and we were all very proud of them!

 Week beginning 30th September

  This week we have focused our learning on our harvest celebration! We have written similes and metaphors based on the harvest and practiced performing this ready for our assembly. Some examples of our similes and metaphors are:

  'Broccoli is a tiny house for a fairy,' 'Carrots are as orange as the sunset', 'Strawberries are as sweet as a bird's summer tune,' and 'There are as many seeds in the pomegranate as stars in the sky.' 

  On Friday we will be linking in our topic learning, looking at how farming was developed in the Neolithic Era of the Stone Age. 


  In mathematics we have been learning how to add ones and tens to three digit numbers, especially focusing our learning on when we need to exchange ten ones for a ten or ten tens for a hundred. 

  Marble jar treat

  On Wednesday 25th September we filled our marble jar and got to have our treat! We voted to decorate cakes or biscuits. However as we were learning about instructions we decided to use this as an opportunity to write and follow instructions for making a cake. Therefore we got to bake our own cakes before we decorated them! Pictures of our creations to follow in the gallery.


 Spellings are given out on Mondays and checked on Fridays.


 We have PE on Thursday and Friday. Please ensure that PE kits are in on these days. Thank you.

Faversham Literary Festival Writing Competition