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Wednesday PoD.mp3

Today's Poem of the Day, read by Miss Tucker.


  Take a look at the end of topic check below, can you answer all the questions correctly? Remember to use the answers below to check your answers. If you get any wrong have a look and see if you can fix your mistakes.

  For more of a challenge, have a look at the document below, can you answer these questions? Remember to give a reason for your answers if you can.

Brain Break - Would You Rather? Energizer Game 2

Time to get up and get active! Brain Breaks are quick energizers for anyone to take a quick break from school or work. Zero equipment needed.This Energizer G...

English/ Topic  

  Have a look at the pictures below, these are all places in Norway. Can you use some of the AFOREST persuasive techniques to persuade someone to go to two or three of these places? You could print off the pictures and write sentences or paragraphs around them or write a subheading for each place and write a paragraph underneath. You could even record yourself reading or saying your persuasive ideas. Can you use all of the AFOREST techniques?

  This is the piece of work that I will be giving you feedback on this week and it will help you with next week’s work. Please send me a photo/ document/ recording of your work by the end of Thursday.


  This week we are going to investigate how mirrors work. Have a look at the video below and see if you can answer the questions. What things can you do with mirrors?

Starters for Science - 8. Mirrors and Light with Rufus Cooper

Use reflection to see around walls with Rufus Cooper.Starters for Science is a series of five-minute videos created to support teachers to get started with p...

  Have a look at the picture below: What do you think a world where mirrors don’t exist would be like?

Narnia part 3.mp3