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  This week we are exploring nature and getting outside as much as possible! Our tasks this week are going to give us an opportunity to get outside and think about nature.

  Today’s English task is to write a story about nature. To do this your first step is to go outside (if you can) to your garden or on a walk to have a look at nature. Take a careful look at everything around you. Can you think about what might have happened to the things around you?

  Keep your eyes out for birds, insects, flowers and anything else you can see. Use your imagination to have a think about what might have happened to these things or what might happen to them in the future.

  Can you hear the birds singing? What do you think they are telling each other?   Can you see any bugs? Are they alone or are they in groups? Why might they be alone or what might they be doing together?

  Can you see any plants? Do they have any marks on them? How do you think they got those marks?

  If you can’t get outside at the moment go have a look out of the window, what can you see? What might be happening outside?

  If you still need some ideas for a story, or would like to have a read of some nature stories, have a look at the stories below and have a think about the questions below some of them, to help you write your story.