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       Today, I'd like you to have a go at writing your very own diary entry from the perspective of Howard Carter. It's up to you on what day you wish to base your entry. You may wish to choose the 4th of November 1922 when the water boy first discovered the steps leading to the tomb, you may wish to choose November 26th when Howard Carter took a sneaky peek at the antechamber or even February 16th 1923 when Howard Carter claims* to have first seen inside the burial chamber where Tutankhamun's sarcophagus sat. (*Many believe that Howard Carter already peeped into the burial chamber, however, this isn't documented so we can't be sure of an exact date.) You might even chose to write about more than one of these events like in my example.


DID YOU KNOW: It would be another a year and a half before the lid was lifted from Tutankhamun's stone sarcophagus to reveal his coffin!


       Below, I have included some handy resources to help you with your writing. The first is a guide about how to write a diary entry - watching this video should help you on your way. Next, I have included a modelled example for you to read through and help you along your way, and also some edited extracts written by Howard Carter himself (You may notice that I have 'borrowed' some of Carter's ideas for my writing; perhaps you could try this too!) Finally, I have included a checklist of all of the different components that we need to include in a diary entry - though you may wish to create your own checklist. Also remember to think about your learning from this week to help you - tenses and your expanded noun phrases for description - and as ever, writing needs to be IN PARAGRAPHS!

       I would like you submit this piece of writing to me for feedback. A longer piece of writing will take you longer to complete and me a little longer to mark so if you could please send in your diary entry by 3:30pm on Monday, I will try to ensure that I provide you with feedback by Thursday at the latest!

      Now, with the help of some Polyjuice potion, you will transfigure into Howard Carter...GO!