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Weather and Temperature in the Desert

This week, we will link our Geography with our Maths learning.  In Maths, you are going to make a daily temperature chart of the weather in Faversham.  Your task is to compare the daily temperature in Faversham to a place called I-n-Salah in Algeria (Sahara Desert).


Did you know ….

The second highest ever recorded temperature was 38.5 C in Faversham in August, 2003.  This record was only just beaten last year (2019) in Cambridge ... the temperature measured 38.7 C!!!! 


Can you make your own chart using a ruler, a bit like this:


Comparing Temperatures between In Salah and Faversham (in degrees Celsius)

Day Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri
In Salah          

If you want to challenge yourself, you could find the difference between the two temperatures by subtracting the lower temperature from the hotter one.


Link to weather for I-n-Salah



Link to weather for Faversham



Fun clip