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  We are going to read the final part of the final chapter of ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ this afternoon. I think listening to the end of the story will be a lovely way to end your learning this week so instead of asking you questions on this chapter today I have found a reading comprehension based on the Mexican festival of the Day of the Dead that we have been learning about this week. Remember to make sure your answers are based on what you read in the sheet, not what you have already researched!

  There are three different levels of challenge, starting with three stars (the trickiest) and going down to one star (the simplest). Have a look and pick which one is best for you, you should be able to think about how to answer the questions but they shouldn’t all be really easy. If you are a free reader you should probably be doing the 2 or 3 star questions. If you are still on book bands you might want to look at the 1 or 2 star questions (although I am sure some of you will probably be free readers once we are back in school, so do try the three stars if you want to!)

  The answers are also in the document so be careful not to read them before you answer the questions.