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What is STEM?

Here at Ethelbert Road, we incorporate aspects of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) into our Curriculum and through our annual Science Weeks.


Children in upper KS2 have the opportunity to take part in a STEM Club, which involves designing, building, testing and racing their go-kart.


Our annual Stem Weeks develop:

creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication.


We held our annual STEM Week in February with the theme of Time. The children enjoyed finding out about how science, technology, engineering and mathematics come together to solve problems and create amazing projects. 

Year 5 have been building a go kart ready to race

Year 6 were using Scratch to create a time-travel themed coding project.

Year 2 learning about time during STEM week

Year 3 have kicked STEM week off with a bang! This morning, we have been exploring the BBC Micro:bits for the very first time and we have had great fun. We are looking forward to completing our Time project this week.

Year 3 coding

Year 1 have been learning about time during STEM week.

Year 6 explored the complexity of their 'connectome' - the network of neurons that make up their brain. Together we created our own individual connectome as part of an art activity. We analysed the range of different patterns that can emerge from a simple set of rules.

We are very proud to share that UNESCO has placed an article on their website about the work that Tim, one of our parents has been doing with our Year 6 class.

Please use the link below to read the article that they have written about us. 

Ethelbert Road Primary School Rockets to Success in Annual RAF STEM Challenge

Year 5 children (now our Year 6 children) had an exciting opportunity to participate in the annual RAF STEM Challenge in Term 6. This event ignited their creativity, problem-solving skills, and enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering and maths. The challenge required children to design and construct rockets capable of reaching different launch angles. Through a live stream session, our young innovators worked diligently, building the body, attaching fins, and incorporating various details to ensure their rockets soared to success.

RAF STEM Rocket Challenge

Our Year 6 pupils won a place in the finals of the Big Stem Challenge. Year 5 representatives attended the finals and presented the coding work they had undertaken to promote sustainability. 

On Saturday 1st July six children from Year 5 represented their year and ERPS at the MEBP Young Eco Engineers Race day. The team, 'The Towering Tacos', raced their go-cart against other participating schools at the Borg Warner site in Gillingham.  It was an amazing day with some very exciting races!

All of Year 5 were involved in building the go-cart during our school's STEM week. They also designed the bodywork and decided on the team name.  As part of the project, the children had to complete a workbook that documented their progress building the go-cart and other investigations they carried out to answer set questions (relating to, levers, gears, friction, aerodynamics, batteries, circuits, energy transfer, sustainability and recycling).


At the event day Year 5 'The Towering Tacos' won 'Best Workbook'. Congratulations to all of Year 5 for their hard work. A big thank you to Mrs Nock, Mr Adkins and Mrs Bell for giving up their Saturday to support this event and all their hard work. A special thank you to Mrs Nock for putting the workbook together. 

On Monday 9th January, Ethelbert Road attended an F1 day at the Q.E. The children learnt about race car design and were then given the opportunity to design and build their own cars. They were able to test their aerodynamics in a special air tunnel. In the afternoon, the children raced their cars. Congratulations to all the winners!