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Poem of the Day

Poem of the Day

Today's Poem of the Day, read by Miss Tucker


  Today we are going to use the skills and knowledge we have learned so far this week to tackle some challenges. There are two links below, you can choose to answer either one or both of the challenges.

  Remember to read through the whole question and then go back and read through step by step, thinking about what information you need to know for each step. 

Brain Break - Never Have I Ever

Time to get up and get active! Brain Breaks are quick energizers for anyone to take a quick break from school or work. Zero equipment needed.This Energizer G...


  Today we are going to be answering questions on Chapter 14 of 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.' Remember to re-listen or re-read the pages that might help you to answer the questions. Be careful to make sure you are answering the questions based on the book, rather than based on what you know from the film.

  The sections that you have had to listen to all week are below for you to read/ listen to again. There is also a word document with all the pages of the chapter that you could print off to highlight if you would like.

  There are some answers to the quetions for you to use once you have answered the questions. 

Narnia part 1.mp3

Narnia part 2.mp3

Narnia Part 3 (1).mp3

Narnia Part 4.mp3


  Our RE question that we will be looking at this term is: ‘Could Jesus really heal people? Were these miracles or is there some other explanation?’

  Today I would like you to think about what a miracle is. Have a look at the video below. Think about what things Jesus is doing and why these things are special. What do you think a miracle is?

Jesus and His Miracles - Beginners Bible

Subscribe our channel:'s Bible - When the disciples meet a traveler who refuses to believe in miracles, they set out to show hi...


Have a think about things that you are grateful for this week, can you find a way of recording three of these things? You could write them down, draw them, take a photo or film them. Can you think of any other ways you could record them?

   The three things I am grateful for this week are:

  •  Being able to read a book.
  • Having time to knit .
  • Blankets to keep me warm.