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Term 3, Week 2 (11th - 15th January)

Hi everyone,

       I'm super duper impressed with everything you have achieved so far. It always impresses me how you take it all in your stride and get on with your learning as best as you can despite the different environment.

       Hearing from you and responding to your emails has been my favourite thing this week. It's so nice that we're able to have a little bit more contact than last time and that we can actually have a chat (because you know I love a chat!)

       I've made you a couple of learning videos on Loom this week so I hope you enjoy them and they help you with your learning. When you come across one of my Loom videos, the password is redclass .  

       You've all been doing amazingly on TTRockstars though I've got to say it, COME ON GIRLS! The boys are still storming ahead! And also, well done to the Nessy children, you are filling up on coins already!

       Keep up the hard work all of you. I am so, so proud!

       Miss Constantine laugh


p.s. Please make sure you listen to Chapter 20 early this week (i.e. Monday or Tuesday) as you will need to be ready to move on to Chapter 21 by Wednesday.