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Last week we started learning about halves and quarters. This week we will continue this learning.


Activity 1

How could we find a quarter of a group of objects?

Do you remember finding half of a group of objects last week? Could that help?


Did you remember that finding a quarter of something means we need to split it into four equal groups. And one of those groups is called one quarter.


Look at this picture


Can you find one quarter of the oranges? You could use objects to help you at home.


If these 3 oranges are a quarter, how many oranges would make the whole? This means how many oranges did we start with before someone found a quarter.



Use the picture below to help answer the questions - you do not need to write your answers down if you don't want to, sometimes it's good to talk about our learning.



Looking at a)

Can you think of another way of splitting this group?

What if 8 oranges were arranged in a line? Where would you split these into quarters?

If you had 16 oranges to split into quarters, what shape could you arrange them into?


Looking at b)

Why does the grid have four parts?


Use your understanding to answer the following questions.

The Finding Quarters - Quantities worksheet is below, for you to print if you wish.






Activity 2

Today we will be solving word problems for halves and quarters.


Remember that you need to read the information carefully to help you work out the answer. You need to know the whole to find a quarter or half.


Let's do the first one together



This is your question and below I will help you work out the answer.

A quarter of the people are vegetarians.

How many people are vegetarian?


Talk to an adult at home about what information you need to help you answer the question?


Did you work out that we need to find out how many people there are altogether first? That way we can work out what one quarter is easily, by splitting to number of people into four equal groups.


There are 8 people altogether.

Tell an adult what you think you should do next.


Did you work out that we need to split the whole into quarters?



You can draw this or use objects to help you.


Now you have split the whole into four equal groups, we can work out what one quarter is.

Tell an adult how you know what one what quarter is?


Did you work out that one of the groups is one quarter?



So the answer to our question is two. Two people are vegetarians.


Now it's your turn!


Can you complete the worksheet below 'Halves and Quarters'.


Remember, to find half we split into two equal groups. To find a quarter we split into four equal groups.



Activity 3

We have completed our learning for halves and quarters! Well done!


So to finish this short unit, I have added a Power Puzzle which is a fun puzzle to complete.

I have also added another challenge for your child, if they have particularly enjoyed this unit, or if they have grasped it very quickly. There is absolutely no expectation to do this, it is just an extra challenge for those that wish to put their understanding to the test a little more.

Activity 4

Today we are going to start our next unit Position and Direction.


We need to know lots of words to help us with our learning.


Have a look at them. Do you know what some mean?




Your task today is to create your own word map to help you with your learning in the unit. Write each word down and next to it can you describe or draw what it means.


Here's my example of left and right


You might like to use these to help with turns.


Which one do you think shows a whole turn?


Activity 5

Let's practise our new vocabulary.


Can you ask someone in your house to be your partner.


Using your new words, can you give them directions.


You could ask them to do a half turn, a jump left and then kneel down.


Or, you could give them directions to get from the sofa to the kitchen. It might go something like this; take 3 steps forward, make a quarter turn, walk forwards 5 steps, go to the middle of the room.


When you have had a go directing them, they could have a go directing you too.