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Activity 1


At the end of last week we looked at igh.


Watch Mr Thorne's video about the trigraph igh.



Listen carefully to the different igh words, and then write down as many as you can remember at the end.



Activity 2


Yesterday we remembered igh words.

Use your understanding to complete the Phoneme Spotter.


Activity 3


Today we are going to look at alternative spellings for the oa phoneme.


Read the oa phoneme spotter and see how many different graphemes you can find for the oa phoneme.



Did you find all these graphemes       ow        oa        o­_e        o        ough


Can you write three sentences with oa phonemes in?

Activity 4


Can you sort the oa words into the correct columns?















slow        window        alone        grow        phone        bloke        snow        crow        gloat        bone        goat        toe        throat        stereo       foe        although      toast        home        photo        throat        croak        spoke        choke        doe



Activity 5


Today we are going to look at the m phoneme.


These words all have m in them. Can you think of some more words with m?

Mouse          summer          thumb



Can you write 3 of your own sentences with m in them?