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How did you find multiplication last week? It's a little tricky and sometimes it takes a little while to crack it. This week, we are moving on to division which again can be quite tricky. 

       The key to cracking division is to really break it down to help you figure it out. I would advise that, if you find division hard, start by physically sharing out things between groups. You actually could use dried pasta to answer a tricky question like 81 divided by 3. You could share 81 pieces of pasta and share the pieces between 3 saucepans - the answer will be how many piece are in each saucepan. 

       Also remember that we can partition number is many ways. So for example, 81 could be partitioned into 80 and 1 - though that wouldn't help us with this division question. However, we could split 81 into 30, 30 and 21 - which are all multiples of 3 which we know!

       Start by watching the video below. Please ignore when the video says complete the White Rose worksheets as we are not using these. Then, log in to the Power Maths textbook to complete today's Discover and Share pages before moving on to your independent work below. You can complete the TT section if you wish but please do not spend too much time on this - no more than 10 minutes.


NOTE TO PARENTS: Though it is not part of the Year 4 curriculum, I would usually introduce the division bracket (or the "bus stop method") this year. I have not included videos that cover this, nor would I expect you to teach this unless you wish to. Introducing the "bus stop method" is, in my opinion, the hardest thing to cover in Year 4 though if you know this method better and wish to introduce this to your children then that is absolutely fine. Please do not feel like you have to avoid this method - and please do not be discourage if you attempt this and find it really difficult - it is!


White Rose - Divide 2-digits by 1-digit (1)