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Non-fiction writing - Schools Life in China

Today, we will start to write out non-fiction report all about School Life in China.  This will be really similar to the report about The Great Wall of China which you wrote last week.  There is nothing to print off for this writing task.


Task 1: Decide on your subheadings 

Decide on your sub-headings. I would use these ones below, but you might think of your own.

  • Introduction
  • Lessons and Teachers
  • Exercise and Playtime
  • Chinese Alphabet
  • After School Activities
  • Fun Fact


Task 2: Begin to write

Can you remember your report about the Great Wall of China from last week?  You could either follow this layout or present your information in a poster.  Don’t forget your subheadings though. Here is an example from last year to inspire you.