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  This week in Art, you are going to paint or colour your self portrait! You can use whatever materials you have at home; paint, pencil crayons, felt tips.

  If you are using paint (watercolours or poster paint) please have a go at mixing your skin colour. I have put a short video below showing you how to do this. When painting or colouring your face try to use the brush or pen to follow the contours or shape of your face – it will look more realistic than lots of brush or pen strokes in random directions.

Art Loom

Still image for this video

  There are several sections for you to paint or colour; your face and hair, your shoulders, your special objects and the leafy background so I suggest you do this a section at a time, allowing paint to dry in between sections if you are using paint.

  When your self portrait is finished you need to think about the final touches; you could do some outlining of the leaves in black pen to make them stand out or you could add a few leaves or flowers cut out from scrap paper to create a collage effect.

  Finally, I would like you to frame your picture. This self portrait by Frida Kahlo is called The Frame which she painted in 1938. Notice how much decoration and colour she has used to frame herself! To frame your picture, you  need to stick it to a bigger piece of card (a cereal box is ideal or any other packaging you have at home). You could shape the card if you wish or leave it rectangular. Then decorate the frame with whatever you have – paint, crayons, buttons, feathers, beads, string, dried pasta, scraps of material, coloured paper -anything to make a decorative and colourful frame to set off your self portrait!


  I have included a photo of my self portrait which I’ve framed using bits and pieces I had at home; tissue paper from Christmas, wool, buttons and butterflies and flowers I cut out from a magazine.

  I cannot wait to see what you do so please do send us a photo of your artwork!