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Annabelle's Mum's Chinese friend has written to us!

Thank you to Annabelle's Mum who has organised for her work colleague to write to us and answer some of our questions. How exciting!  Her name is Xingxing (pronounced Singsing) and she lives in Beijing.



1.      What is your favourite thing to do/place to go in Beijing?

Beijing is a famous travelling city in China. Many people will pick different place to the No. 1 place to go. For people the first time visit Beijing, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City would be the choice. We can explain the reasons in the call. For me, I have lived in the city for 10 years, so my favourite place would not the tourism place. I like the National Museum, with a lot of precious bronze arts. And there is a lot of Hutong (胡同), the very Beijing style street, which is also very interesting places, with many shops, coffee shops, restaurant and so on.


2.      What is the tallest building in Beijing?

Beijing is not allowed to have too high buildings in the downtown, policy reasons. The highest would be China Zun (中国尊)/ CITIC Tower (108 floors, 528 meters high), which is the headquarter for CITIC, our office is not so far away from there.  


3.      What is your favourite food to eat in Beijing?

Aha, another hard question. Beijing local food is “hot pot” (铜锅涮肉) and Roast Duck (烤鸭), and Tanghulu(糖葫芦),which is  the candied haws.


4.      Do you have lots of different types of transport and what are they?

Yes. We have the similar transport as in London. Subway, bus, airport, high-express railway, and taxi. But parking is very expensive in the downtown. The traffic jam is crazy in the busy hours. In China, I guess Beijing is the ranking number one for the terrible traffic jam, lol..