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Character Description - Planning 

This week, you are going to be working towards writing a Character Description of either Ma Liang or the Emperor from The Magic Paintbrush story. Just like in class, we're going to complete some activities to prepare us for this writing task.


Today, we are going to remind ourselves about adjectives and then we will make a list of adjectives to describe both characters.  Here are some words to help you:

Task 1 - Can you work through this PPT and write adjectives to describe the objects?

Animated Tale- The Magic Paintbrush

Task 2

Watch 'The Magic Paintbrush' again and grab a pencil and paper while you are watching it.  Make a list of adjectives to describe Ma Liang and the Emperor. Remember to think about what they look like and how they behave.  What things do they do to make them kind/ helpful/ clever/ creative/ cunning?


Task 3

Now it's time to choose which character you will write about in more detail on Wednesday.  Will you choose Ma Liang or the Emperor?  On the sheet below, see if you can write some adjectives and phrases to describe your character.  Remember, don't write full sentences on this planner, just words and phrases.


Sheet to download and write on