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Physical activity

Next week Ethelbert Road will be taking on Boughton School in a virtual sports contest. You will be asked to compete in 8 activities and will receive points for each of them. So this week I would like you to practice them at home so we are all up for the challenge! This challenge will include teachers too!

The challenges!

(30 seconds for each other than those stated)

Speed bounce 


Football dribbling around five cones (you can use anything) each cone 1 metre apart.

Tennis keepie uppies (ks2) tennis push downs (key stage 1)

Sprints 10 metres ( ks2) 5 metres (ks1)

Standing long jump (scores for 3 attempts)

Chest throw - how far can you throw a football sized ball from a chest pass (scores for 3 attempts) 

Aim and throw - put 5 cones in a row (you can use anything) 5 metres(ks2) 3 metres (ks1)  in front of you. Each time you hit one you remove it. How many can you knock down in 5 attempts.

Get Practicing - next week you will receive sheets to record your scores  and explain the point system!